Our Start

East Texas Cornerstone Assistance Network (Cornerstone) began as an outreach effort of Green Acres Baptist Church when they realized there was a better way to meet needs than offering a handout.


The concepts behind Cornerstone’s mission were developed and incubated until, in 2013, Cornerstone received its stand-alone non-profit status. Cornerstone’s mission is to partner, in Christian LOVE, with churches, businesses, and nonprofits to assist PEOPLE in poverty with life transformations.

The Client Referral Process

While we help in many ways, Cornerstone's primary focus is to to partner with churches, businesses and other non-profits across East Texas to assist clients who need Cornerstone's assistance.

  • Our partner organizations must refer a client for them to be eligible for our programs. The referral process is easy but does require comittment from the referring partner. To begin the process:
    • Simply download the referral form.
    • Fill out the form, signing the portion committing yourself to be part of the process.
    • The client will be asked to complete the next step, which is to schedule an appointment with Cornerstone.
  • During our initial appointment, we discover the clients’ most pressing need and work with the referring organization to meet that need. Some people need encouragement, others financial assistance, while others may need guidance in a job hunt.
  • Once their most pressing needs are met, we seek to meet their next greatest needs. Therefore, Cornerstone engages in a more complex role of establishing a relationship with the client, often employing them in one of our programs where we invest into a personal relationship with the individual.

Our ultimate goal is to meet their deeper needs and set them on a path of life transformation.

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Scott Harrison

Scott Harrison, PhD

Executive Director


Roger Hickman

Roger Hickman

Program Director


Megan Riaz

Megan Riaz

Development Director


Hannah Rey

Ashley Parmer

Lindale Store Manager


Hannah Rey

Angie Jones

Office Manager


Hannah Rey

Christy McMichael

Tyler Store Manager


Vay Davis

Vay Davis

Client Services Coordinator



Nat Hughes, DDS


Jesse McClendon

Retired chaplain, Texas Parole Board

Dale Pond

Minister of Missions, Green Acres Baptist Church

Brenda Smith

Executive Director, Breakfast with Fred

Jason Wright

Regional Director for US Senator Ted Cruz