Vicky, a mom of three, had to leave her job when she was expecting her fourth child. After her baby was born, she was only able to find part-time work and struggled to make ends meet. THANKS to our supporters, she is now participating in the jobs program at Cornerstone, meeting her children’s needs while preparing for the future!  

After a stroke and some other challenges, Brad became homeless. He had been working to get back on his feet, but found it hard to get a job and knew disability income wouldn’t be enough. Thanks to community partners, he is able to work at Cornerstone, while receiving guidance and support to meet his future goals. 

Michelle came to Cornerstone seeking a new direction and is now part of the jobs program, building the foundation she needs for the future! Please pray for her as she seeks the desire of her heart; to find, in her words “a career” instead of another job. 

John came to Cornerstone a month ago, lacking work history, he was totally unsure of himself. Right away our Client Service Coordinator started working with him on job and life skills. This week, he started a NEW JOB and has the confidence that he can do it.

Joe was living in a homeless shelter and wanted to work more than anything, but with no ID he didn’t know where to turn. The day he came in he was able to get his ID and start immediate employment at Cornerstone. Today, thanks to the guidance and support he received while participating in our job training program, he is working a job in the community and is now excited about the future!   

Two veterans came to East Texas Cornerstone Assistance Network because they needed reliable transportation to their jobs. After working to earn enough for a down payment on a 1999 Ford Explorer one of the men said, “You have made me feel like a man again.”

Bethany took her three sons and escaped a threatening home situation. Now she needed a good paying job; but she had no experience. Cornerstone hired her for one of their paid internship programs. After completing her internship she wrote a thank you note to Cornerstone saying, “The opportunity to work at Cornerstone changed my life and showed me that I could do so much more than just work in a fast food restaurant in order to take care of my sons”

Angela climbed off the Greyhound bus in Tyler unsure how she and her husband would be able to pay the fees to transfer her CNA license to Texas.
Cornerstone gave her immediate employment empowering her to pay her fees; and therefore, find a good-paying, full-time job.


Mark is proud of being able to work two jobs to provide for his wife and three children. However, when his wife broke her leg he needed help paying the medical bills. Cornerstone worked around his busy schedule to empower him to work and pay off his medical bills.


When Jackie arrived at Cornerstone her life’s circumstances were threatening everything in her life. Before she left our program she told us, “Cornerstone gave me the opportunity to work to earn the things I needed and was there for me when I didn’t even know how to be there for myself.”


A grateful father buying Christmas toys at Cornerstone’s Resale and Donation Center said, “You have made it possible for me to provide Christmas for my family.”

Like others in poverty, he wants to provide for his own family, not be “adopted” as a special project.


“Thanks to Cornerstone my son is graduating from college.” These were the words of one of our first clients. When this single mom lost her job her son was going to drop out of college to keep her from becoming homeless. But Cornerstone was able to give her temporary employment until she stabilized, enabling her son to stay in school.


Marilyn arrived at Cornerstone in tears. Her home was no longer a safe place to live; but to get into a new place she had to provide a $500 deposit. Cornerstone worked with her landlord while Marilyn worked at Cornerstone, empowering her to safely and quickly move into her new home.


Felicia was living in a shelter and desperately wanted to improve her life. Cornerstone gave her a safe place to work enabling her to gain some financial stability and confidence. Months after leaving Cornerstone she returned to tell us she was now working both a full-time job and a part-time job. She also shared with us her excitement over a new grand baby.


Shamir was a single mom and a veteran facing a forced change in her housing. She was distressed, not sure how to find an affordable place to live. Cornerstone helped her research apartments to rent that were both affordable and safe. Even though she was working full-time she couldn’t afford the deposit. We then provided her with enough work to empower her to pay the necessary deposit.


Cornerstone provided nice clothes to a recently released felon so she could feel good about herself when she went for job interviews. After obtaining a full-time job she called us to let us know that she appreciated being talked to “like a real person” and that we gave her the confidence to go out into the workforce to secure employment. 


A young couple was about to separate because of all the stress in their life. After working through Cornerstone’s programs they stabilized and both found full-time employment. Months later they called back and said, “the boost we received from help at Cornerstone changed our whole situation and we are very grateful.”